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Tip Tuesday! In a rush...but still want to exfoliate?

Skincare Tips & ProductsChelsea CavenderComment

We are all busy people. For most, the skincare product use "rules"...use this in the shower, use this in the bath only, use this at the sink, use this after cleansing, use this once a week, use this twice a day, etc. is overwhelming!

One product that is easy to use are exfoliant scrubs, a.k.a. scrubs, exfoliants, exfoliators, or scrubby stuff. What I like about exfoliant scrubs is that it is up to your skin and your preference how and how often you use them. If you are just getting into (or maybe just entertaining the idea of getting into) forming a skincare regimen, adding an exfoliant scrub is a great place to start.

Exfoliant scrubs help smooth & soften skin by removing old dead skin cells (who needs those anyway?) and allowing moisturizers, including the oils in the scrub itself, to penetrate the skin more deeply. They also help with blemishes, wrinkles, post breakout marks, clogged pores, hyper-pigmentation, dry skin, and more.

You can use exfoliant scrubs in the shower, bath, and at the sink. You can scrub using your hands, a washcloth, natural sponge, or loofah (don't go overboard if you use a scrubbing assistant--easy does it), or dissolve directly in the water if taking a bath. Normally you cleanse skin, use the exfoliant scrub, and then rinse. 


The best thing about exfoliant scrubs is that if you are in a rush, but still want to exfoliate...just add to your cleanser or body wash and scrub once. That saves you half the time! 

I recommend using an exfoliant twice a week on your face and up to every other day on dry body areas like hands, feet, knees, and elbows.

Just keep scrubbing! :-)


What is your favorite way to use an exfoliant scrub?