SLATHER botanicals

SLATHER botanicals | Combining science + nature + heart to create a luxurious spa experience wherever you are!

slather [slath-er]  (v.) = to spread liberally or use lavishly

open slather (n.) = slang for a situation where there are no restrictions; free-for-all


We believe what is INSIDE a product is more important than fancy packaging on the outside. All SLATHER ingredients are natural, pure, as Organic or wild crafted as possible, and 100% non-GMO. 

Body, face, and hair care products hand-blended with love in the USA. Chandler, Arizona to be exact. Holistic, effective, and based on the power of plants and skin chemistry.

So good for your skin, you can't help but slather it on!


Hi there! I'm Chelsea, plant biologist, bee advocate, beauty seeker, flower lover, and mixologist behind SLATHERlotions. There is no one size fits all for skincare. Everyone's skin is different. Making natural skincare products tailored to specific skin needs is my passion. I would love to make formulas especially for Y-O-U!  Custom formulas, packaging, and more available. Check out Some of the Custom Products I've Created Here

Chelsea, SLATHERlotions Founder & Chemist (aka Mixologist)

Chelsea, SLATHERlotions Founder & Chemist (aka Mixologist)


"Amazing lotion, super quick delivery. Seller very helpful!"

"Love it! Smells great, feels great! Super fast delivery and very attractive packaging! Recommend highly!"

"Perfect size [MINIs], 1 for purse, 1 for car etc. great way to sample scents."

"Great scent [Fresh] my son loves it! Thank you for the quick shipping!"

"Great lotion, great seller!"

"Great combo [EYE and FACE & HAND bundle]! Makes a great gift!"

"I just received my first bottle of Slather natural body lotion. The scent (I chose Citrus Basil) is intoxicating, which is a real bonus since I'm not a drinker. The lotion is light as whipped cream and leaves my hands soft without any oiliness. And being an 'antiquer', I appreciate the old apothecary style bottle. The pump works great and the shipping was super fast too! You have a winner here, Chelsea!"

"I love the creams! Great delivery service and wonderful product!"

"Great cream. Feels light and nice scent!"